72-hour turnaround for processing of your fingerprints - We understand that you're searching for a nearby digital fingerprinting facility because you require an RCMP-issued criminal record certificate. Our fast and incredibly confidential streamlined fingerprinting process has got you covered. You must provide your fingerprints to the CCRTIS in order to have a criminal record check certificate issued against your information. The RCMP's division for national criminal records, CCRTIS, serves as the only source for criminal record checks and screening services for both public and governmental usage. Despite the fact that the process may seem overwhelming, we have you covered. Our expertly qualified fingerprinting crew has a great deal of experience at taking your fingerprints and finishing your application in just about 10 minutes. Feel free to come and visit us at 203-12885 80th Ave, Surrey, BC and we will take care of the rest for you.

Trusted By Many As A Reliable Fingerprinting Service in British Columbia!

In the Greater Vancouver Area, Point Zero is a well-known brand offering certified background checks and document verification. Because of its dependability, rapid turnaround, and first-rate customer service, both corporate and individual clients like our digital fingerprinting service. During your appointment, Point Zero's personnel is trained to put your comfort first so that you can quickly get your fingerprints taken and have your application filed to the RCMP. We take pride in being one of the few Canadian fingerprinting businesses with RCMP accreditation that can submit your fingerprints to them the same day.

Should I Book a Digital Fingerprinting Service or Use an Ink and roll Card?

<p>If you are inside Canada, you will need to have your fingerprints digitally recorded. For anyone applying for a criminal record check outside of Canada, the rolled ink fingerprinting option is available. To ensure that your application is handled by the RCMP as quickly as possible, we use a high-definition scanner. To speed up the procedure, our highly qualified personnel will adhere to instructions from the RCMP. Due to our status as an RCMP-accredited business based in Richmond, British Columbia, we can take your fingerprints in about 10 minutes, saving you both time and money. Your application will be attached after your fingerprint impressions are transferred to a c216c form.</p>

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