POINT ZERO offers a complete suite of background screening services in Richmond, both in person and online.

Changing the Tide of International Checks

In the past, choosing an international candidate meant walking through the mist. Unfamiliar references, report discrepancies, and lack of global affiliations meant no one could ever be clear about an individual’s previous track record. Today, with apt technological tools by our side, a skilled in-house team of professionals, and numerous international alliances; knowing past records has become a piece of cake with Globeia’s Police Background Checks from the world.

The Importance of an International Police Background Check

We currently tread in times when all is not what meets the eye. Thus, as the past lays precedent to the future; knowing an individual’s previous criminal doings (if any), can result in better-informed decisions. From employers to embassies, universities to immigration departments and more, numerous entities require police background checks in their decision-making process. Conversely, the lack of such a check could put one at a disadvantage, or complete halt in the process.

What Do Our Police Background Checks Offer?

Our police background checks have one purpose: to comprehensively depict an individual’s criminal history.


3 Step Process

Complete Questionnaire

Police Review


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